COURSE DESCRIPTION: A study in the practical and theoretical applications of graphic design theory in advertising, including print, television and the Internet. Students work in graphic design software to produce advertising projects. Students work individually and in groups to produce these projects.
OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the students will:
1) Get familiarized with their creative process, printing production and software.
2) Employ the use of graphic design and typographic terminology to articulate design solutions.
3) Continue to develop and apply technical skills to challenges of legibility and meaning.
4) Analyze and articulate the effectiveness of their own work and the work of their peers
5) Develop a greater sensitivity to details in order to create successful visual communications.
6) Learn how to develop creative briefs for their projects and apply the basics of communicating with a client.
7) Expand their knowledge on building a brand identity, ads, content creation and copywriting, campaigns, the message, & mobile advertising.

— Campaign design
— Exhibition posters
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